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Despite it being well into December, and despite the fact that I still have a great deal of wrapping and knitting to do this month, and despite the fact that Christmas looms ever closer (we shall not speak of this), I’ve had a hard time actually believing that Christmas is coming on. I was chatting about this with Bridget and Sasha last week during my visit, and it was refreshing not to be alone in this.

It’s been an odd off-again-on-again month so far, weather-wise, with the weather hovering generally in the cold direction but not necessarily long enough for any snow to stick around. And though the mittens and scarves are coming out of hiding, it’s still hard to predict exactly how many days in a row a person will depend on wearing them. Which is all fine in principle, but you know, we live in a four-season climate here in Southern Ontario, and its funny how much a person’s holiday sensibilities can start to hinge on a certain combination of weather events. (It’s also possible I’ve just been in denial about how close Christmas actually IS. That argument could merit further examination.)


Anyhoodle, this weekend I busied myself with a bit of effort towards said sensibilities, and took part in a few seasonal rituals with a few knitters included. On Friday, in between long bus trips back from Peterborough and towards Hamilton, I met up with the delightful Sandi for lunch and a wee tour of the Distillery District in Toronto, where their little Christmas market will almost make you feel like you’re in Germany for a few moments, minus the mulled wine. (We really have got to get on the mulled wine.) Sandi doesn’t get down to Toronto nearly often enough, and I flit in and out like a flitting thing just about every week, and so we hung out for a bit.


And you know, as delightful as it was, it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. The crowds were putting in an effort, sure, but we were still rather out-numbered as far as the knitter quotient. So yesterday I took myself on down to the Purple Purl, where they were having their annual pre-Boxing-Day Boxing Day sale. Ahhh yes, that’s better.


Knitterly crowds were achieved. And purchasing. Though not necessarily of the selfless gift shopping variety. The universe craves balance, after all. (Hi, Alison! Nice selection in your basket, there!)


Also among the shoppers were Karen and Maggie, who do the geeky and fun podcast Knit 1, Geek 2. Karen had just finished her very own pair of (sparkly) Viper Pilots socks, which I know from her podcast she has been working on for several months. Knitters, you too can have a pair of ultra cool twisty cabled socks with just a few minutes a day. (Over a…number of days. But still! It can be done.)


After that, just to be on the safe side, I ducked into the Eaton Centre and braved the lineup at Chapters-Indigo, and dodged more shopping crowds and giant reindeer.


I think I’m good now. December has been achieved.
We shall not speak of how many days there are until Christmas. I’m negotiating for more time.

Happy knitting this week! Especially if all your deadlines have been achieved. You’ve earned some festive cheer, no doubt.



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