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I rang in the New Year with a group of knitters and friends in Toronto, and stayed over chez fellow knitter Emily for a leisurely start to the day. She is embarking on an ambitious “12 in 2012″ project, whereby she will knit 12 sweaters in 2012. I’ve heard of other knitters doing this and picking 12 of anything they like, as a goal for the year. I don’t know if I’ll jump in, though I will say I’m tempted to go for 12 socks – just as a way to keep myself going on some basic sock projects throughout the year. I always seem to want more basic ribbed socks or Jaywalkers to add to the drawer.


It is a good time to stop and get set for the year ahead in any case, and I helped out Emily by taking her measurements so she was off and running for her sweater project (it usually helps if you’re making sweaters that have some relation to the size and shape of your body). It’s always easier to do that sort of thing with help, and it occurred to me too late that, dangit, I should have had her take my measurements, too.

So this is my friendly recommendations to you, dear knitting friends: Treat yourself to a few minutes with the measuring tape. Know your key measurements – not just bust and hip circumference, but cross-the-shoulder, head circumference, foot circumference, hand circumference, and so forth. You might be surprised to discover that some of the measurements are different than they were last year. (Likely not your head or feet, though. Heh.) The best way to help yourself knit for yourself in the coming year is to have a good sense of what size and shape these garments need to be. Since it’s the New Year, of course, you may well be resolving to change the size of some parts of your body, but even if this is the case, it’s good to know where you’re starting from so that you can see these changes take shape. (As one how-to example, Sandi Wiseheart at Knitting Daily has a few tips on measuring, with photos included.)

And the best part is: the measuring tape has never heard of dress sizes. How fantastic is that?

On the other hand, if anyone has seen any of the 50 or so dozen other tape measures I am pretty sure I own, please let me know. I’m not sure what they’re up to.

Happy New Year of Knitting!



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