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Construction materials

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time wandering around downtown Toronto getting in some photography practice (translation: I took a lot of really mediocre pictures) for my class homework, and eventually ended up at the Eaton Centre for a bit of browsing as well. I’m at a point where I’m starting to want to refresh the ol’ wardrobe a bit, but since I do this so rarely I am also perpetually out of practice.


Whenever I do this I also remember another reason why I allow myself to get perpetually out of practice with shopping for clothes. I know that while there must be some very nice cotton and wool and other natural fibres amongst the odd-feeling acrylic/poly blends, and there must be some very well constructed garments even in the well-picked over sale racks, and that it may well be entirely reasonable to expect this to take a bit of time if a person wants to find garments that fit them and their lifestyle, and that people generally do still have to buy commercially-made garments to wear out in the normal world if they don’t want people looking at them weird, and that knitting one’s own sweaters and accessories is always more time consuming than buying them…

…I have still come to prefer buying yarn as a method of acquiring new clothes.


So then I bought a new sweater (some assembly required). Isn’t it stylish? I rather think so.

[ETA: Admittedly, the ‘sweater’ did come from Romni Wools and not the Eaton Centre. Surprisingly the major shopping malls expect you to buy your clothes pre-assembled and ready to wear. Who knew?]

Until then, I’ll go re-read my Tim Gunn tips on clothes shopping and prepare myself for the mall battlefield another day. Happy knitting!


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