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Learning curve

As I have started spending more time with my camera the last couple of weeks, forced (willingly) into it through the work of photography class assignments, I am gradually learning more about what this little piece of technology can do – but more importantly, how much is incumbent on the hands and eyes causing that piece of technology to function. It’s hard work, but work that I hope will be worth it in the end.

Each week we are tasked with picking 2-3 photos to submit for our exercises, but it’s just plain hard to narrow it down, as it turns out – despite the fact that I think I am taking a lot of mediocre photos, heh. This past week took me out and about in the city as well as to a party chez Anne and her husband Dan, with many cheerful knitting folks and other geeks and friendly folks. Knitters and their many, many intersecting worlds are pretty great.

These are some of my favourite snaps from the last week. I continue to knit things, write things, photograph things, read things, and have many things in the wings to show you in the coming month. I hope your week has started out well today – and if it hasn’t then, well, I hope you have a refreshing beverage and an even better Tuesday ahead!




Positivity Jan 25




Jan 28 - Positivity

I hope that you too are knitting things, photographing things, reading things, and getting ideas about things. Until next time, knitting friends!




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