Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

Weekend recovery

I spent this past weekend in the company of ten other knitters in a cottage (well, more like a 2-storey rental house, but still), a seems to be becoming an annual tradition. I have to say there are worse ways to spend a weekend.

There was a lot to fit in, though.

There was the eating:


The drinking:



The knitting:



(I finally finished my socks! And started another pair, forthwith)

There was even the occasional amount of outdoorsy physical exertion:


(Some of it unexpected, as we all pushed our cars out of the snow-and-ice-covered drive on Sunday morning. That is less recommendable but still memorable all the same.)

And while I didn’t (yet) get my Gwendolyn cardigan done, I did at least start the sewing up and the hood. Still looking possible for a February finish. (All fingers are crossed).

Now the only trouble is, I had to get up like a normal person and eat normal meals and things, and that’s just a crying shame. Maybe when I get up tomorrow there will be a three-course breakfast and mimosas waiting for me. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

May your Monday evening be filled with knitting and relaxation!



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