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Very important things

Having a knitter come visit is pretty good times, I must say. It’s like an excuse to schedule in the normal pace of knitting-related leisure of, say, a month or two, all into a few days. See all the yarn! Visit the knit nights! Make more tea! Eat all the things! Over the last couple of days we have done a fair bit of all of the above. The added bonus of having an American visiting Canada for the first time is that it is a good excuse to eat things like poutine and call it, you know, a necessary task to check off on the to-do list.

As a result Elspeth said to me yesterday, “you know, your blog post is going to be nothing but pictures of me with food,” and I said, “no no, some of them are pictures of you with yarn.” Admittedly I have not been the awesomest photo-documentarian this week but for when we stop long enough to eat things or knit things, but you know, that’s a pace I can live with. We’ve walked all over bits of Hamilton and downtown Toronto, seen Kensington Market and Queen St, and hung out with some knitters.

And eaten some poutine


Seen some yarn… (and then more yarn)


And eaten some more things. (S’mores pie, at Bannock.)


(I still have to make sure she eats a butter tart, though.)

And, lo and behold I’ve gotten Gwendolyn some buttons and we’re going to finally get her out for a photoshoot today. After 8 months of waiting I can’t just stick this sweater on a dress form and call it done – she needs a proper treatment.


May you have a lovely Friday, dear knitters!



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