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The next thing

This week, in between finishing up a new pattern and getting the next one ready to go, finishing up my ‘DSLR 101′ photography course and pondering what class I’d like to take next, reading the entire Hunger Games series and twitching with anticipation over the forthcoming movie, and being genuinely stymied by the sudden 15C temperature increase this week and wondering if we are skipping spring and going directly to summer (turns out we are not – normal mild spring temps ahoy for the next little while, phew), it occurred to me I’m actually in a bit of a lull, knitting-wise. It’s not that I don’t have anything to work on, but that I’ve finished enough things in the last few weeks that I’m starting to stare down a relatively fresh slate and can start to plan some new designs and new “for me” projects (I always need at least one project on the go that’s something that doesn’t come from my own brain.)

So this afternoon I sort of pulled out a bunch of my worsted weight yarn that’s been waiting for colour-work projects for, oh, ever, and started pondering it. Maybe this weekend I’ll cast on for a colour-work sweater or three.


Or, maybe I’ll just take out more yarn and look at it. (One can’t ever discount this as an enjoyable time in and of itself.) As you might guess, I’ve got a bit of a purple/yellow-green fascination going on and might finally be ready to take the plunge there.

What colours are fascinating you this week, dear knitting friends?

Happy Thursday!



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