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No rest for the wicked

Friends, I would have genuinely sworn it was the weekend, like…a minute ago. Wasn’t it just yesterday? I really thought it was. Apparently, though, we are now on to April, which means that Saturday wasn’t just last week, it was last month – HAH, nice trick there, calendar.

Saturday was a pretty great day, though. I met Kate at mumble-mumble-o’clock and we hit the road early in the morning for Collingwood, Ontario, where Karen at Grey Heron Yarns was hosting a day-long ‘Knit Fest’ of classes and food and gathering. Kate and I each taught two classes (Entrelac and Tips for her, Colour-work 101 and Lace 101 for me), and these knitters were ready. I’m not sure what they’re putting in the water up in Collingwood, but it makes for a very capable bunch of knitters, I’ll say that much.



We were so busy that I almost forgot to snap pictures until nearly the end of the day, but thankfully Karen and Brenda didn’t! Collingwood, I look forward to knitting with you again some time. (My teaching page is currently up to date, for anyone in Southern Ontario looking to come join in with some learnin’ this spring.)

In my own knitting life, projects and dreams continue apace, and my rich fantasy life is filling with all kinds of spring and summer plans. I have been thinking about what ambitious lace project I would like to work on this year, since Peacock Feathers took up some attention last summer. Knitted Lace of Estonia? I’m coming for you. (I’d be lying if my desires weren’t leaning towards the Crown Prince Square on the cover, but I might allow myself to start on a Miralda’s Triangle instead. I think that’s as close as I can get to being restrained and sensible ;) )


And speaking of being not at all restrained and sensible, because I apparently don’t have enough to knit on, I couldn’t take it anymore and cast on on Sunday for a third Royale pullover. I’m currently adding some revisions to this pattern – an additional size, and the option for full sleeves – and it’s making me want another one. I’m currently hoping this will be done before I go to teach Twisted Stitches and Travelling cables next (which will be at Shall We Knit in Waterloo, April 21st), so, you know. Nothing like some self-imposed deadlines.

If you need me, I’ll be over here knitting while staring lovingly at my yarn stash. I have plans.

Happy knitting this fine Wednesday!



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