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Challenge is relative

This morning I met up with local knitter friend Dilia, who is currently finishing her first pair of socks. I’ve done a few lessons with her and a friend over the last few months, since they wanted to build up some basic skills and look at doing some projects. Once they got into the building blocks of knit, purl, and even some simple cable twists, they said “how about socks? can you show us socks?” and my answer was of course, yes. Socks are great. More sock knitting can only be good.


I’m pretty sure there are knitters out there who would pale at the idea of taking on socks for their third project ever, but because I enjoy knitting challenges I am fully in favour of supporting it in others. And I think that in most cases with knitting, if you want the final product badly enough, you will learn the things you need to learn in order to complete it. So, I didn’t tell them until later that knitting in the round with DPNs, turning a heel, and learning two different decrease methods are not the usual early project steps for new knitters. Dude, you want to knit socks? Well heck, let’s knit some socks.


And lo and behold, Dilia now has her first complete sock and is half done the second one. (I do believe she is using Malabrigo Rios, so I give her full marks for yarn seelction). Here she’s using my Weekend Socks pattern, which if you’re looking for a relatively quick sock to practice on (or just a quick and warm pair of socks anyway), this one is available free and uses worsted weight wool. My own pair in Louet Gems worsted is a pair I tend to wear in place of slippers on cool days.


We then took a brief jaunt to Spun as well (I haven’t been in ages, despite their being more local to me than Toronto – the Toronto pull tends to be strong! – but their yarn selection continues to be pretty great) and she got herself set up with some fingering weight sock yarn and a pair of 2.75mm needles and is all ready to go for more knitting action. (I set her up with my Nice Ribbed Sock pattern as a stepping stone from the Weekend Socks – it’s also free and uses a ribbed pattern for a bit of interest and snug fit)

Anyhow, if there’s something you want to learn how to knit but have been putting it off, think of Dilia and how she knitted socks for her third project ever, and go ahead and knit that project, man. It’ll be so worth it.

Happy knitting this Wednesday!




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