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In the thick of it

I have reached a point in my knitting which, I have no doubt, happens to the best of us on occasion, which can more or less be summarized by saying, “I have a lot of knitting to do.” I have been having fits of start-itis over the last few weeks and you know, there’s only so long you can hold off that impulse. To wit, I’m currently knitting my way through my own Hunter Street Cowl (this time it’s going to be huge. I’m going to get through as much of the 1000 yds skein of Tanis Fiber Arts laceweight as I possibly can, if not the whole thing. This is going to be one big lofty squooshy cowl).


Of course, I’m also still working my way through two sweaters. (Since, you know, spring and summer are coming on.) My Velvet Morning cardi has a body and almost a full sleeve, and my making-sure-the-full-sleeve-revision-is-to-my-satisfaction Royale pullover has most of the body, so that’s pretty great to keep working away on as well.


And then, just for kicks, I’ve been staring at my colour-work yarn (aka Knit Picks Palette), and brainstorming some new projects for perhaps getting a jump on the fall items. Since I clearly didn’t have enough on the go.


There is also the ubiquitous travelling sock in progress in my handbag, various lace thoughts swirling around, and you know, I have decided to just lean into it and knit whatever’s going. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t other projects I was itching to start up on and add even more to this whole equation, but I figure the only way out of a spell like this is through it, so I’m just going to keep on knitting. Knitting knitting and more knitting.

Perhaps there is a spring knitting fever going around and I’m not the only one surrounded by mountains of Works in Progress. There’s always more things “up next,” after all. What projects have sucked you in, lately, dear knitters? I hope you find as much time as possible in your week to sink into them!


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