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That whole thing I was doing for most of the month of April where I was blythely knitting away on whatever I wanted? Yeah, that might be starting to level off now. Now the knitterly debts are coming to collect and now I have about a zillion 75% finished projects that need finishing, and preferably right about NOW since I have so many more new things waiting to get their turn. This is, of course, only exacerbated by new yarns brought home this weekend from the Knitter’s Frolic.

I’ve been getting lace on the brain more now that spring is here (as one is wont to do, when one is a knitter in the spring), and so I knew I wanted to bring home a few new skeins of laceweight. I made sure to snag a couple of skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts pink label laceweight, and I think this bright ‘royal flush’ pink is actually going to get on deck for a Miralda’s Triangular Shawl from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia, for later this summer. The two skeins of teal are for…I don’t know what that’s for yet. Maybe if I get done the Miralda’s shawl real quick and need to cast on a Crown Prince Square or something like that right away, now I’ll have enough to work with just in case.


I also snagged a couple of skeins from Turtlepurl Yarns, a Canadian indie dyer who is relatively new to me. I’m not sure what the pink stuff will be yet, but that orange skein is 1300 yds of alpaca/silk/cashmere goodness and might have “another Pi shawl” written all over it. Looking forward to seeing what it becomes.


Last but not least, shortly before I left the Frolic I ran into knitter and runner friend Kathy, formerly of Kingston now of somewhere near North Bay. She showed me these pretty yellow socks she’d knitted, and I said “oh, these are nice, are they yours?” and she said, “no, they’re yours!” and I was all, “what??” She knows how bummed I was when I got hit with a hip injury last summer and how frustrating it has been for me not to be back at the running yet, and so she decided to knit me some sunny yellow socks so I could have some sunny cheerful feet until my feet are out on the pavement again. GEEZ, KATHY. I was all set to be cynical forever, and now you’ve gone and ruined it. THANKS FOR NOTHING. (Um, but also, thank you for the socks.)


So now my friends, I am hoping this week will have some project finishing in it – this girl’s got some new yarns to play with. Happy Monday and may your knitting and a refreshing beverage be waiting for you at the end of it!




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