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A knitterly weekend

This past Friday and Saturday I had what is now becoming nearly a monthly jaunt up to Peterborough once more, for a bit of workshop teaching (I’ll be heading back there in June for twisted stitch cables and lace 101+), but also my very first trunk show festivities. Bridget and I hatched this plan sometime back in the winter, and it was great fun.



I brought all of my finished Urban Collection pieces as well as some hard copy patterns, and a bunch of knitters came for the evening and we hung out and chatted and everyone got the chance to try on the collection pieces if they wanted. This also included the 8th and final piece of the collection – the Lakeshore Shawl – which is off the needles and making its final steps to online inclusion in the collection this week! I am excited to show it off to you properly later this week.

For now, though, I’ve got to tell you that as awesome as I know all the knitters are in your town, you’ve got stiff competition from the folks in Peterborough, Ontario. These ladies have some game, and they are stylin’. Everyone looked so great in these pieces I wondered for a moment if I was going to have to frisk them on the way out. (Also, they are all uncommonly photogenic. I think I might have to save up some designs and enlist them all for photo shoots.)

Thanks for a great weekend, gals! I’ll come visit again soon.








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