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Keep it up, internet

Today I met up with fellow knitter Lisa and we went to an awesome Picasso exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Then, we had coffees in the gallery cafe and knitted and chatted about movies and tv and yoga and cats and basically all normal things that people would talk about, except that we did it whilst knitting, and I can report that it was 100% amusing to watch the expressions of people walking through the cafe and realizing that we were, in fact, knitting in the middle of an art gallery cafe. And also, the woman behind the counter at the cafe recognized we were knitters from the fact that we were wearing knitted things, and then we had a brief exchange about patterns, and also exchanged Ravelry usernames (hi, cafe lady! nice to meet you, if you’re out there!) and it wasn’t until about an hour later as we were leaving the gallery that it finally dawned on me that we had just exchanged internet names but hadn’t actually exchanged real names, and that at no point had it ever occurred to me that this might be weird, because it was knitters. Knitters are cool, right?

And I had a whole post brewing in my head about shawls that I was going to post later (which I’ll still get to next time, because I do like shawls), and then after an afternoon of being offline I got back on the bus to head home and caught up on the internet, and read about how the US Olympic Committee apparently has nothing better to do than to pick on knitters for doing things like making fun knitting competitions whilst viewing the Olympics. (Which, seriously, if there isn’t at least one person in that organization asking themselves right now exactly how far they have strayed from the spirit of their organization, I give up on humanity.)

Then I kept reading the internet and came across this post of really super awesome photographs, which you should absolutely look at, especially if you happened to be annoyed about things like over-zealous people picking on knitters.

And then another knitter pointed me in the direction of this pretty super awesome video from Matt (whose previous videos are worth watching if you haven’t seen them already), and that was the topper. If there is an antidote to the frustrating parts of humanity (say, the sort that would like to pick on knitters congregating in fun and friendship to do things like knit while cheering on Olympic athletes from all over the world, I’m just going off of the top of my head here), then this is definitely in the right direction. And while we’re at it, a good reminder about how people who experience and communicate significant portions of their lives via media on the internet (knitters included), are in fact, people.

Happy knitting, friends who live in the computer! You’re awesome.


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