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A different kind of enabling

For anyone who’s been around me in person lately, or listening to my blatherings on my Twitter feed (sidebar), you’ll be fully aware of the fact that for the past 2 months I’ve taken up yoga. After 9 weeks of at-home practice, 3-5 times a week (thanks to the aid of DVDs, much reading, and patience), I have to tell you I’ve completely drunk the Kool Aid. I used to do yoga off and on for the last several years, but committed myself to trying it again more thoroughly as a way of recovering the strength and flexibility I lost in my hip last summer after my running injury (or, more likely, the lack of strength that allowed the injury to happen in the first place). It turns out yoga really does do everything it says on the label – i feel a great deal more flexible and strong, and am gradually learning to focus my concentration long enough to hold some of the more challenging poses. (Though I draw the line at attempting to stand on my head. For now. Until I get to a studio. Never say never, after all.)


At first I was mostly focussed on my leg and hip mobility, but I am discovering more and more how much this really does influence the entire body. I am finding myself more aware of my posture and how I sit, and – much to my pleasant surprise – the parts of my arm and shoulder that are often prone to repetitive strain injury during times of heavy knitting (which I am currently experiencing, prepping some fall designs), are feeling fantastic. Knitters, get thee to a yoga mat. (Are knitting-related yoga classes a thing? Can we get on that?)


(Why yes, this is me doing Legs-up-the-Wall against my yarn stash. I decided it was soothing.)

It has been a pretty solid reminder of how likely we are to tax our bodies doing the crafting endeavours we love, and how even some basic postures and stretches can help counter it. The mental immersion of working on a knitting project often counter-balances other stressful parts of the day, but then, what counter-balances the knitting? It is great food for thought.


In other news, I can also report that the non-sensical hat-knitting-in-summer continues, this time with a new Frostbite hat in Knit Picks Cadena, currant and cream. (I love this colour combination so much I could eat it.) Thankfully, the iced beverages are also flowing freely, and I am pleased to report I have also fully committed myself to the joys of iced coffee.


May you have some cool and relaxing times this weekend, knitting friends! Until next time.


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