Daily Archives: July 30, 2012

Another year

Today is my birthday, and while it’s a working knitting day (still finishing up some of those pesky deadline projects), at least it’s a day I get to spend with yarn, and the non-yarn bits have been a bit relaxed so far. I’m planning a full do-whatever-i-want-day sometime next week as recompense for having to use my brain on my birthday – heck, the “have a pedicure then go buy an armload of Madelinetosh” seemed to work well on my day off a few weeks ago, perhaps I’ll repeat that endeavour. Practice does always help matters, after all.


But speaking of yarn – this morning I discovered that the mail had brought a lovely enormous box of it on my doorstep, from Knit Picks (to be revealed later in knitted object form, if all goes as planned), which I don’t think I have to tell you is a pretty great thing.

Then I had lunch with a friend. It was poutine. (I decided today would finally be the day I tried lobster poutine. It was pretty good but, I concluded, not actually necessary. Regular poutine is still awesome no matter what.


Now I am ensconced with my knitting and some cake, with a little new knitting reading to add to my bookshelf courtesy of one of my gifts – not too shabby.


Thanks for being out there in internet-land, knitter friends! If I could share my cake with you through the blog, I would.


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