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Sticking to the deal

I’ve been doing enough designing and deadline work over the last year or so that I’ve started to develop a couple of rules for myself about managing it. It’s consuming work sometimes, and the sort that easily overruns any sense of weekday vs weekend, daytime vs evening sort of boundaries, so I’m gradually realizing that I have to create some of those myself. One deal I made with myself is that between finishing one design project and moving onto a new knitting project of any kind, there must be a) at least one meal, and b) a night’s sleep. It’s a good deal, not just for my own rest but to resist that immediate urge to cast on something new as a reward for finishing up something else. The temptation to do that can be extremely strong, but if you’re going to give yourself another project to work on, I figure that might as well be a decision made with at least a partially clear mind.


I have a similar deal with myself about socks. I always have a pair of plain ribbed socks on the needles – usually for carrying around in my handbag – and it’s pretty unpredictable how long one pair will take me to complete. If I’ve got a lot of transit time or waiting-around-time, or if they’re in thicker sock yarn that allows me to use fewer stitches, a pair of socks could easily fall off the needles in a couple of weeks or less. But then, if I don’t have any of those variables to work with or if I’ve just gotten side-tracked by all the non-sock-knitting or let non-sock projects sneak in as portable knitting (sleeves work well this way in particular), then the socks can end up sitting there for months. When that happens the temptation to just cast on a new pair of socks in a new skein of yarn from the stash is pretty big. Let’s face it, sock yarn is like candy and a gal wouldn’t keep bringing it home to wait in the sock yarn part of the yarn stash if it didn’t look cheerful and tempting.


All of this is a long way of saying that, yesterday I finished off my second-to-last deadline knit project of the summer, and to celebrate, I sat right down last night and ended up finishing my ribbed socks on the needles. Now I have a new pair of socks waiting to join its other new friends come fall (sock weather does come again, I hear, though it might not seem like it now), in Socks That Rock Mediumweight, ‘Carbon’ colourway (in my standby ribbed sock pattern). And to celebrate that


…I cast on a new pair of ribbed socks. In Turtlepurl yarns self-striping sock yarn ‘Poisoned Apple’ colourway, that I treated myself to at the Purple Purl last month. Only half an inch in and they already look fun. Here’s hoping they don’t turn into a pair that languishes in my handbag for too long – I want to see what these will look like.

What’s on your needles this fine Wednesday? More summer knitting time awaits, but fall is just around the corner.


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