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Sock it to me (ha)

This weekend, as I pondered the many new knits I want to get onto the needles this fall, having finished all of the deadline knits I needed to get done over the summer, I decided on a plan of attack which involved starting on no new projects whatsoever. Nothing new could come onto the needles, I decided, until I finished the current pair of socks on the needles, and since they were already more than half done I just buckled down and finished them. And now, lo and behold, I have the next snazzy new addition to the sock drawer, ready for when fall arrives. (Which may not be for a while, if the coming warm weather forecast is any indication). These are my ribbed socks with Turtlepurl self-striping sock yarns, in ‘Poisoned Apple,’ and they are completely delightful.


My only regret is that I didn’t make them a skootch longer on the leg portion (that ribbing does decrease the vertical length when it expands), but they’re pretty cheerful nonetheless. It is really a funny thing how yarn can sneak up on you when you’re not looking – I never would have thought I needed self-striping sock yarn in my life at the moment, but these colours are just so darned cheerful and I couldn’t resist. I even made sure the two socks matched, and everything.


I finished these up on Saturday and since it was a long ‘holiday’ weekend, I decided to just keep it going and cast on a new pair of socks and knit as much of them as I could before the weekend was over. Then I got hit with an entirely miserable amount of sneezing and sniffling and it turns out being in an antihistamine fog isn’t super amenable to concentrated knitting time, but still – Socks That Rock Mediumweight is fast, and deep dark pink is hard to put down.


This skein of Socks that Rock (‘Backstabber’ colourway), I realized, is actually the first skein of Socks That Rock I ever purchased, several years ago, and thus is probably one of the oldest skeins in my sock yarn stash. It turns out you CAN knit from your stash sometimes, who knew?

And you know what else? it turns out that if you keep knitting socks, even just a few pairs a year, eventually your sock drawer will start to get full. I might actually need to start prioritizing sock drawer socks, and other-drawer socks. It’s a pretty great knitterly problem to have.

I hope your September is off to a good start, knitter friends!

[ETA]: Both socks are from my Nice Ribbed Sock pattern, which is available for free if you should happen to need your own pair or seven of ribbed socks ;)




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