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If it’s a colour jag I’m okay with it

Yesterday, I finished up the sweater that resulted from that pile of delicious Madelinetosh tosh DK I bought on impulse over the summer. It’s great, and it’s almost ready to get shown off, and I am excited to share it with you, and this Sequoia is such an autumnal red-orange colour that the timing really couldn’t be better.


Like a lot of knitters, I have the tendency to stick to certain parts of the colour wheel when choosing my yarn colours. Reds, purples, greens, pinks are the shades you’ll see a lot of in my stash, and I love them a lot, but I’m trying to branch out. Yellows and oranges are the least common colours for me, so I’m approaching them a bit sideways by bringing in orange first, sneakily by way of red. Reddish orange, yes, I think we can be friends.



I did up the button-bands, and finished it all up, and gave it a bath, and now it’s blocking while the notes are off with the tech editor, which is all fantastic.

But I have to admit, I might be even more excited over the fact that I get to bring a new pile of red-orange wool onto the needles. This little stack of Cascade 220 Heathers has been waiting in the wings for almost a year, and I’ve known since about February exactly what I want to do with it.


There’s just so many awesome yarns out there, and so little time. I’ve got other colours waiting in the wings who might not stand for this orange colour jag business for too much longer. Better get knitting.

Happy Tuesday, knitting friends!




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