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Diving in

It’s technically fall, now, here in Southern Ontario, and although we’ve still not fully entered bundle-up territory (at 20C today I was still sans socks), there was enough of a temperature dip over the weekend to throw the knitter’s brain into action. Suddenly, I want to knit all the things. In my head, I am knitting all the things. All of these things, in fact:


That’s a pile of 2 potential sweaters and about a zillion accessories. They’re all going to be awesome, I know it.

What I am actually knitting, however, is this new cabled thing that just a week ago was still a pile of orange yarn. (It’s Cascade 220 Heathers, in colour #2425, because someone asked last week and the colour number is the best I can do – it’s probably formally named something awesome like persimmon or blaze).


Although I am not used to enjoying the colour orange quite this much, I’m not all surprised to be enjoying cables, and basically I just want to keep knitting nothing else but this until it’s done. (I can’t, because there are other designs and class prep and other people’s patterns and then there’s that pile of yarn up there in the top picture, and, um…yes. What was I saying again?)

I usually tackle sleeves first to get them done and out of the way quickly, but this time I went the more traditional route of knitting the back first so that a large part would be complete, and I’m glad I did. This is what I want to be my Rhinebeck sweater and if my pace continues like this, I’ll have it done with time to spare. (Probably. I think.)


What fall knits are you lusting after this month?
Happy knitting this Tuesday!




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