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A few things on a Friday

1. The sweater knitting continues around here, and I sincerely hope I am not about to jinx myself by saying such a thing out loud, but things might be well on track. I’m a couple of inches away from finishing the final piece of the cabled orange thing (which, yes indeed, I’ll be sure to share with you once the pattern is written up!), and my Ravine pullover now has two full sleeves and likely a good start on the back piece before the evening is over. The cardigan needs finishing and a collar and button-band still, but I’m choosing to believe that this part will be not much to worry about. (Probably.) In any case, they’re still super nice to look at while they’re in progress. Wool and cables are great.


2. The other day last week when I was in Toronto I had lunch with fellow knitter/teacher/designer Robin Hunter, and she commented on all the sweater chatter I’d been doing and the fact that, based on our bust sizes (which are only 1 inch different), we would be assumed to be choosing the same pattern size if we were making the same sweater. Now, would you guess from this photo of us that this is the case?


My guess is, probably not – and you’d be right! One or both of us would be modifying the heck out of the pattern to get it to what we want. Our cross-shoulder width measurement and sleeve and body length measurements would all be entirely different. It just goes to show – know your measurements and be groovy with modifying, and you’re more likely to get better results.

3. Finally, I have the pleasure of showing off a picture of the lovely cabled pillow pattern I have in the November 2012 (on newsstands now) issue of Canadian Living magazine. (I think you have to get the cat separately. The instructions are only for the pillow.) It’s a print magazine and they are generously giving copies to three lucky winners! So, if you’d like to win a copy of this issue, please leave a comment on this post, with your favourite thing about knitting cables.


With that, I bid you a happy weekend and good fall knitting ahead! I’ll catch you next week with, hopefully, more sweater knitting behind me.




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