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Sometimes the knitting is motivation for the other knitting

1. So now that it’s a couple of days into December, I had fully planned on having cast on at least one new sweater by now, because I was going to have the two other sweaters I was working on finished by the end of November.

2. Of course, this means that both of these sweaters are still on the needles. They are both more than half done, and the burgundy-purple-Cascade-cabley one in fact only needs half a sleeve and some finishing before it’s done. It just needs that final push, and it’s going to be awesome when it’s done, but I am dragging my heels on it like it’s an essay I’m not going to write until the night before it’s due.


3. I think this is what my friend Lisa refers to as “observing Novecember,” wherein one finishes one’s November sweaters a little bit behind schedule. I can live with that.

4. It is perhaps not a coincidence that last week, when I should have been motoring along on the final sweater stages, I was instead knitting up a bunch of bulky wool accessories. Because it turns out that a chunky hat that you can knit in half a day is exactly the kind of thrill knitting can buy you, and I am totally on board.


5. There are patterns forthcoming for said bulky things, in case more of you want that same quick thrill. (And a warm head. If you can get both, why not, I say.)

6. I also cast on a new Noro striped scarf with some Silk Garden from the stash (because I figure you get bonus points from knitting with stash, always). I knitted one a few years ago back when everyone else was knitting them, then lost it two winters ago and my winter scarf selection still hasn’t recovered.


7. I’m not sure how this is going to get my finished sweaters done any quicker, but I think it’s going to work out somehow.

8. Even if it doesn’t work out for the sweaters this week, at least I’ll have a new scarf.

Happy knitting this week, knitter friends!


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