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Stash diving

This afternoon I found myself in the rare and coveted (and usually very brief) situation of having finished all the active knitting projects I’ve had on the go for the last few weeks – including the Noro striped scarf, which has been duly deployed into service. Often I’ll just start a new project one at a time, when one gets finished, so that the number of projects I have going maintains a fairly consistent level, but this time I just had to get to the point of starting fresh. (Well, relatively speaking. There are a couple of other projects on the needles that are unfinished, but more on the sidelines than active works in progress). It’s just nice to have that feeling of a blank slate every so often.

I’ve had several things waiting in the wings to get onto the needles for quite a while, and today I took a couch-and-knitting day in an attempt to fend off some oncoming congestion (possibly a losing battle, but one does need to try, of course), and so NEW PROJECTS AHOY.

First I started the quickest thing I’ve been wanting to do – a big cozy seed stitch cowl (just like all the cool kids have been making these days) with some Malabrigo Rasta I bought this past summer. (The colour is ‘Solis’, since I know some folks will want to know – it’s wonderful).

Dec14-MalabrigoCowlSince starting with a quick project like this that is bound to be over almost as soon as it’s started – honestly, I can’t imagine I’ll still be knitting it on Monday, this yarn is super bulky and anything on 12mm needles can’t possibly be slow – is basically like stacking the deck in my favour, I also started in on a sweater. I’m pretty cool with the sweater not having a finite deadline in mind and it’s nice to start a sweater in December because even if you still take three or four months to finish it, you still stand a chance of getting to wear it before spring comes. (At least if you live in Ontario).


About a month ago I joked with Fiona that she should just tell me what to knit, since I was pretty sure whatever sweater I made for myself this winter was going to be one of her designs. And lo and behold I remembered then that I had long ago purchased her Bonnie pattern, and was pretty sure I had even put it away with the yarn to knit it with. So I went stash diving (always an enlightening experience if you have several years’ worth of yarn-stashing under your belt and haven’t had a full look-through in a while), and discovered that yes, in fact, I still had 20 skeins of Mission Falls 1824 wool. It’s in a deep dark purple which I sort of love for these cables. Even though they won’t stand out as much, they will be that much dressier and subtle, which is a nice combination to have in one’s knitted wardrobe.

This should be no problem at all. The size I want to make calls for 18 skeins, so I should have plenty, but there is a degree of difficulty here from the fact that this wool has been discontinued for about two years now. This means that if I get halfway through the button-band and run out of yarn, there is no more yarn. HAH HAH. I’m also planning a couple of pattern modifications (adding waist shaping, for one, cardigan-izing it for another), which shouldn’t necessarily add yardage to it so much as alter it, but again, you never know.


So, I’m starting with a sleeve. I think I’m good to go with gauge but just in case, I’m starting with a sleeve. If it works out I’ll knit the second sleeve before starting the body, and if it doesn’t work, then at least I’ll only have to rip out a sleeve before starting over again.

Also, it’s deeply satisfying to be knitting with yarn that has been stashed for so long – I’ve got to try this more often.

I hope you have a great weekend ahead, with some knitting time included! Happy Friday.




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