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The things we do with yarn

It’s been one of those weeks where it feels like the only accomplishments I have to show for it are a project that I’ve ripped out and cast on now for the third time (all since Monday), and that I’ve managed to fight off a cold (I am ready to extoll the virtues of hot lemon with honey). So as I contemplated my cast-on-for-the-third-time project (I think this will be the right one now), I decided to pause and knit some little cozies for gift cards.

Why yes, yes I did.

I’m no stranger to cute tiny knitted things around the holidays, and a couple of weeks ago I came across this little free pattern by Julie Tarsha over at Simply Notable, and could not let go of it.


I started to do Julie’s pattern (which is 100% delightful) which is worked as a long flat strip, and then realized I just wanted to work in the round because it seemed mentally easier at the time, and then said oh heck, I’ll just do plain ribbing. That’ll be fine.

And you know, it really WAS fine. These are adorable. Each one took maybe an hour, possibly less.


I mean, they’re also entirely non-sensical, let’s get that straight too. It’s a knitted cozy for a gift card, which is itself already a fully-formed gift. The card does not need wool to keep it warm. At this point you’re essentially putting it in hand-knit wrapping paper. But I just love the whole idea of adding the handmade touch because it still conveys the “I got this just for you, I hope you like it” sensibility. I actually don’t mind gift cards because then you get the excuse to go buy something fun, but the actual packaging does feel a bit impersonal. But grab some leftover wool and sha-zam! Personalized touch.

I hope you’re all doing well with your holiday plans or prep or whatever may be keeping you busy this week! I am looking forward to getting in the knitting time when I can, and some cookies on the side for sure.

How I made my gift card cozies, in case you want to do the same thing:

Cast on 28 sts with worsted weight wool, in 3.75mm DPNs or closest similar needle size to hand. Work in the round in k2, p2 ribbing to length of gift card (3.5 ins or so). BO and graft bottom closed, or use kitchener stitch to close bottom of tube. Sew button to one side of top, work short single-chain crochet closure to finish.




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