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New year, new knits

So, after my Christmas knitting turned out to yield less satisfying results – though I am continuing in search of more Mission Falls 1824 wool in the hopes of getting some more a bit closer to my dye lot(s) – I decided that at New Year’s I would start something new that would just be a single skein project. No need to worry about changing between dye lots, after all, when you’ve just got the one skein.


I cast on something else in dark purple (since I liked that dark purple Mission Falls even if it was ill-fated), and went with a Union Station beret since it’s my own pattern and therefore familiar, and also, who doesn’t want more winter hats in January? I’ll take all I can get, that’s for sure.


The yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca (one of my favourite yarns) in ‘beetroot’, a dark enough purple that it could almost be considered a neutral, but still purple enough that it’s got colour and interest to it. I’ve been toying a lot more these days with the idea of knitting with darker colours. Even though the stitch patterns are less visibly dominant unless you’re up close, dark colours have a very dressy look to them and some days that’s a nice thing to have in your knitwear. I’m working away at this a few rounds at a time in between other projects, and have grand fantasies of a matching pair of gloves while the weather is still cool.


Also, speaking of fitting in projects – it turns out that seeing the James Bond movie a second time means you can get about this much of your second ribbed sock done at the same time. (I love plain ribbed socks for movie theatre knitting – they’re simple enough that my fingers can feel what they’re doing even if I’m not looking at it, and I just save the heels for other times. Movie + Sock Knitting, a combo coming soon to a Knitter’s World of Leisure near you).

[ETA: these are Socks That Rock lightweight in ‘Tlingit’ colourway.]

Have a good knitterly weekend, knitter friends!




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