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So, I don’t know who exactly is in charge of the time-space continuum around here, but I’m really not sure it’s supposed to be the middle of January already. I mean, really? I thought we were still in the first week of the year – can’t a girl get a bit of procrastination time on the whole New Year’s resolution thing? Ah well, nothing for it but to keep knitting I suppose. I have a whackload of knits going on behind the scenes around here, but keep trying to get the smaller finish-able projects in there because, what can I say, a girl needs some of those.


I finished my Union Station beret a week or two ago (possibly it was last week, but then, see above re: my loose relationship with the normal structure of time), and am really quite pleased with it. It’s in Ultra Alpaca which is a lovely warm wool/alpaca worsted weight yarn, and we’re going to need hats around here for another 2 months at least.


In true idiosyncratic knitter fashion, however, I haven’t actually worn it yet because I want to knit myself a plain pair of mittens or gloves to go with it and then I can leave the house with a matched set. (I briefly contemplated working up a true matching set of mittens with similar cable motifs on them but then quietly shut that down…maybe down the road, but not just yet). Something plain will do fine, so I think I’ve found my next small project to get ready on the needles.


Thanks to seeing several movies over the last month I am also finally nearing the end of my ribbed socks (my own free pattern, if you would like it), which have languished for several months in my handbag. (It’s really a good thing that knitting doesn’t fight back out of neglect, some days I think it would be totally justified in doing so). Normally I like to make socks my portable knitting, but lately sweater sleeves have been taking over in that department. I have noticed this is a poor thing for my sock drawer, because lately I’ve been playing favourites and wearing the same half-dozen pairs of hand-knit socks over and over again each week. It’s definitely time for a few new pairs in the rotation!

I hope you’ve got a great small or portable project to work on too, and that you can fill in your knitting time whenever possible. Happy Thursday!




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