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It’s been a whirlwind week so far, one that feels like it really is only just starting, so I am rather surprised to discover it is already Thursday. But I suppose when you begin the week finishing a long weekend vacation, come back on Tuesday and then scurry off on Wednesday for a knitting talk in the evening (it was quite fun, thank you Toronto DKC!), well then of course here I am at Thursday finally getting down to all of those other things I meant to have done by this time this week.


(Waiting in the airport on the way back from DC – that’s my own Ravine pullover, and the closest thing I’ve gotten yet to a modelled shot of it, despite happily wearing it all winter!)

The weekend jaunt was enjoyable, and spent mostly in the company of knitting friends, knitting, chatting, eating, and drinking wine. There was a shopping excursion in there somewhere, when I blinked and suddenly found myself with 3 new pairs of shoes that fit me. (Size 11s, unite!). I managed to visit just one yarn shop (thank you, Looped!), which does seem a bit like a paltry effort, but I came away with two very nice items from it (a house-made project bag and a skein of Madelinetosh sock destined for something unknown).


I finished two projects, started a third, and made progress on two others, so all in all I call that pretty good for a few days’ work. These happy red swatches are from the sweater I just started (for me all me, in a pattern written by someone else), and I’ll be sure to report more progress on that next time.


I hope you’re knitting something fabulous this Thursday!



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