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A good colour for winter

So, about a month ago we had a pretty decent cold snap around here. In Southern Ontario we do generally spend a few months at or below freezing, and then the rest of the country gleefully mocks us for whimpering about it, but winter last year was so mild that I can’t even remember whether we even had any snow at all. And then after a while it was April and the sort-of-winter oozed into probably-for-sure-spring, and we forgot about cold weather for a while. Well, back in January we spent a week hovering around -20C, even during daytime temperatures once or twice, and I think even the rest of Canada hesitated a little bit before rolling their eyes at us. -20C is chilly.

I retaliated the only way I could – bundled up in as many knitted things as possible, and ordered a sweater’s worth of bulky yarn in bright red. I remain pretty comfortable about that decision.


This is Cadena from Knit Picks, in the ‘cranberry’ colour. It’s the exact same yarn and colour I used earlier this winter to knit my Cosmopolitan Set, and I love just about everything about it. It’s a great colour, it’s so warm, and the bit of alpaca blended with the wool gives it the slightest hint of sheen in certain lights and I love it. Since it’s a bulky yarn it also knits up relatively quickly, which means that after only a week of extremely intermittent work on it, I’ve got almost the full back of a sweater finished. I’m working away on the Uji cardigan jacket from the Winter Twist Collective and am really enjoying it so far.


The only disadvantage with a project like this is that the frequent cabling plus big yarn on big needles turns into a lot more mechanical effort than I’m used to with worsted weight yarn or lighter, and I’m finding myself having to rest my arms a bit more often than I’d like. But still, it’s going to be the coziest sweater ever, and even if spring suddenly decides to show up before I finish it, I’ll be pretty content having it finished in my closet for next season. It’s never the wrong time to start a new sweater!

And speaking of new sweaters, I’ve got a couple of new patterns to show off to you, but I’ll save that for my next post. Have a great Monday!

Pattern: Uji, by Ann-Marie Jackson
Yarn: Knit Picks Cadena, in cranberry



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