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I was told there would be spring

You know, I really thought I was okay with the fact that winter seems to not want to leave us yet. Last year winter was so mild, after all, and isn’t the Canadian cultural consciousness shaped by our shared experience of a long cold winter? And by knitter standards, isn’t it sort of a good thing to have a long winter, since we get to wear our handknits for that much more of the year?

Then it occurred to me that for the last week or two I’ve had to just about physically restrain myself from starting three new projects (despite having no shortage of things to work on), or haunting the WEBS website for wool I’d like to knit more sweaters with (despite the fact that any sweaters I would start now would not likely be done in time to wear in the current season – or the fact that I also have no shortage of sweater quantities of yarn in my stash). I realized then that maybe, just maybe, this is what spring fever looks like when you’re a knitter. It’s right up there with spring cleaning or longingly reading swimsuit catalogues and buying tickets to sunny climes – that clawing need for something different, whether it’s the immediate surroundings or the knitting project in hand.


Rather than give in to those longings, I decided to put on my resolve face and head back to my current projects with new determination. The most satisfying route to new projects is through finishing old ones, and finish something I shall. I started these podster mitts back in February and dangit, at least one advantage of the apparently never-ending winter is that if I finish them this week, I really do stand a chance of getting to wear them this season. (Plus, I lost one of my current gloves when I was in DC back in February, and the ones I’ve been using since then just don’t feel quite as awesome as my well-loved ones. New gloves it is.)

I did at least manage to get a second mitt started, and both are at the same point of needing the thumb and the flip-over mitten top. At this stage of the game, with all the ends from each finger and all the waste yarn holding the thumb stitches and the marked-out mitten top stitches, each sort of looks like a tangled mess.


But I want to finish something, and I want these mitts, so I shall persevere. I am resolved!

What are you most looking forward to finishing right now? Is it something you’ll be able to wear soon? I hope so! Until next time, knitter friends.

Pattern: Chilly Podster mittens
Yarn: Berocco Ultra Alpaca, in beetroot




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