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New Designs: Charlotte St. Mitts and Cowl

All anyone can talk about around here is the weather. I include myself in that ‘anyone’, because man, Mother Nature got us good this weekend. We had a couple of sunny days of +10C, just in time for Easter, and we all thought, “ahhh, how nice, spring might actually be on its way now.” We started thinking, “hey, maybe the down coats don’t need to come out of the closet any more, we can go dig up the light jackets now. Maybe the cold times will be done now.” Hah. This week around Southern Ontario we are back down to freezing or just below, and for the last couple of days the weather has been rotating back and forth between sunshine and snow squalls. Even the sky can’t seem to make up its mind.


I figure the best way to deal with this (as with so many other things), is just to keep knitting, and I’ve got 2 more accessory patterns to add to my Urban Collection Vol 2. They pair nicely with the Jackson Creek cardigan I released last week, or with any outfit really, for just a little hit of coziness and warmth. Presenting the Charlotte St. Mitts and matching Cowl (currently available on Ravelry – individually and as part of the whole collection. Will also be available later in May on Patternfish once the collection is complete.)


Each pattern uses a single skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label cashmere sock (70% superwash wool/20% cashmere/10% nylon) or your preferred equivalent. They are shown here in the brick colourway, which I think I can pretty much count on using again, it is delicious.


The mitts are written for 2 sizes (6.5″ and 7.5″ circumference), use a nice little lace pattern down the back of the hand, and are meant for a slightly slouchy fit. The nicest feature for me, though, is the long ribbed cuff that folds over at the top of the mitt. It gives the mitt a nice comfortable finish while still being a bit fitted around the knuckles, and makes for such a cozy feel – without having to knit little mitt fingers. Full disclosure: I generally like the things I design, but it’s not all the time that I cast off a design and immediately wish I had more yarn to start it again. I want these in twelve colours. And I don’t know why I haven’t got twelve more colours of this yarn in my stash. I plan to rectify this soonest.


The accompanying cowl pattern is a nice quick little accessory, and features the same lace motif as the mitts. It’s written for one size, about 26 inches in circumference, but I suggest a few modified larger sizes that will still use only 1 skein of the TFA cashmere sock. Overall, I like this set for a friendly little hit of colour! The time commitment for either of these projects is fairly quick, just right if you need a colourful distraction from other projects on your needles (or just from the weather outside).


Enjoy, dear knitters! And whatever the weather where you are, I hope you’ve got some fun projects to work on! I’ll be back to report on other ongoing knitterly activities later this week.


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