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The system works

The other day last week I was putting away some little ends of fingering weight yarn from a finished project. I have two bins in my stash shelf that are those cube-shaped drawers that fit right into the cube-shaped shelves from that Swedish store that many of us seem to get our stash shelves from. So, the fingering weight ends (essentially, sock yarn remnants) have their own bin that they also share with a few laceweight remnants, and the worsted weight and almost-worsted-weight remnants (DK and bulky get shoved in here too) have their own.

I’m not entirely sure why I keep the leftover bits like this, to be quite honest. It’s a bit of an X-factor. I do know that there are limits to what I will keep. It’s got to be a sizeable enough amount to do something with. A little Christmas cork elf, for example, or maybe mini mittens (Ravelry link) for an ornament or bookmark. Anything that’s well over half a skein still stays in its regular stash place with its full-skein friends, though, so this isn’t a holding station for just anyone. It’s just the little bits of potentially useful stuff, and I hate getting rid of useful stuff.


It turns out that my sock yarn remnants bin is shockingly tidy, even more so since I allowed myself to be distracted for a few minutes that day by winding a few of the more errant bits into proper balls. So I then turned a few procrastinatory minutes to the worsted weight bin which was, well, more of a tangled mess, to be honest. And it’s a remnants drawer, so really, it’s allowed to be messy and I left plenty of mess still behind, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to tend to it a little bit.


I was however, starting to question my system a little bit. I considered to myself that maybe fussing over stash remnants like this was not the best use of my time, and also starting to wonder exactly how many other knitters have their stash remnants organized by weight and neatness, when I got an emergency Tweet from my friend Jo. “Do you have any leftover bits of Tanis DK?” She was trying to finish a baby hat and had literally only 2 inches left to go but had run out.

And you know, I did have that yarn. And friends help out friends with things like extra yarn.


So I sent it off to her and she finished the hats, and all was well in knitting world. The End.

This system works fine.




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