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Knitting saves

I’ve started my next and possibly last round of photography courses this week, and mostly in support of completing the courses required to submit for a ‘certificate’ from the photography program at the school. (I like having pieces of paper like that, plus I’ve taken enough courses by now that I’m most of the way there, so I’d like to close out the last few requirements). One of these is a course in Photoshop, about which I have heard universally mixed reviews from other people in the courses. So, I lowered my expectations accordingly, and made sure knitting was in my handbag.

Oh, knitting friends. We hit the 2 hour mark (out of 3) before even turning on the computers. It was a test of my patience, and the actual practical stuff we did (finally) learn in the end was new and useful, but man. I now have a new benchmark for what I consider a slow pace of classroom learning.


I thought briefly that maybe it was just me, that maybe I was being overly impatient. At one point I looked around and the nice retired lady sitting behind me met my eye and nodded at my knitting with a very envious expression. “You’re really smart,” she said, “I wish I was a knitter.” (Perhaps, then, it is really not just me.)

I think we shall be classroom friends. And also, I think I shall, if nothing else, achieve some sock knitting progress along with a few tidbits of Photoshop knowledge! And it’s a good thing, too, since my travelling pair of ribbed socks has been sorrily neglected since I started them two months ago. Thank goodness for knitting.

Have you had any knitting projects come to your rescue this week? What kind of “carry with you” is your favourite lately?

Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock
Yarn: Sweet Georgia Yarns Cashluxe Fine


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