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When a young knitter’s fancy turns to…more knitting

Lately I’ve been getting more of an impulse to knit socks. I’m chalking this up to spring, and the impulse to knit New Things That Are Also Portable. Also, I think it might have something to do with the fact that the floor space I use to practice yoga also faces my yarn stash shelf, and the cubbies that hold the sock yarn (because of course there is more than one sock yarn cubbie) are right about eye level with me when standing. And thirdly, as the winter comes to a close I’ve been noticing a bit more wearing and bits of felting on more of the socks in my sock drawer – I knit them less rapidly than I wear them, these days, and the sock drawer is always in need of new pairs to take the edge off.

I’ve still got the same pair of socks on the needles that I have had since February, though, so I’m trying not to sabotage my progress by casting on another one right away. (But Tuesday nights continue to yield a bit of knitting time while sitting in Photoshop class, so that’s helping). But since I am the sort of knitter who, some days, gets held up starting new projects by the simple act of having to wind the yarn, I decided to do my Future Sock Knitting Self a favour by winding up some new yarn to wait patiently until I get to use it.


This morning after yoga I grabbed a couple of skeins of Socks That Rock from the stash, and then a couple of more just fell out onto the floor so I grabbed those too. I figured if they were going to put so much effort into making themselves noticeable, I might as well consider them as well. (Sometimes being me has its privileges. Like having a sock yarn stash cultivated over many years for just such moments. This is not an unenjoyable thing, I’m here to report).


I wound up two of the skeins in the most spring-like colours in the bunch, and now will happily be able to just grab them at a moment’s notice when the new-sock-knitting moment should happen to arrive. Interestingly enough, one skein is among the newest in the stash (a Rhinebeck 2012 purchase), and the other is among the newest (purchased several years ago at Lettuce Knit in Toronto), so that’s pretty neat.

So now I just have to finish a bunch of things on the needles and then I’ll totally get to one of these. Soon, sock yarn, soon.

I hope you’re knitting something delightful this Wednesday!




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