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Progress is progress

Knitter friends, I’m really not sure how it got to be Friday already. Between catching up on sleep and energy after a busy family weekend with a few late nights, and then slowly succumbing to the May-annual allergy stint that always leaves me wondering if the allergy pills are better or worse than the actual allergies themselves, I feel like the last week has passed in a haze. I’m so terribly behind on the things I wanted to have done by Friday, and yet I’m torn between putting in a huge effort or just saying to hell with it all and reading a book on the sofa while shovelling potato chips into my mouth. (As one does).


Probably I’ll end up doing a combination of both, but I am at least happy to report that the Multiple Sock Knitting Projects plan has been doing pretty well in action. I haven’t actually finished a pair of anything yet, but I’m discovering that this works nicely to alleviate some potential boredom. If I don’t feel like knitting on one sock project at a given moment, I can just switch to another one.

I must say this is also making me rediscover some parts of my yarn stash that have lain largely by the wayside for the last little while. I went through a big phase of sock knitting and sock yarn purchasing a few years ago, but lately my actual sock productivity has dropped off. I have a whole whack of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock that I gathered up back when I was knitting myself at least a week’s worth of Jaywalkers with it, but then promptly stopped knitting Jaywalkers and so the Lorna’s Laces stash sat idle. (I would still probably put Shepherd Sock in my top 10 yarns list, even though I have only ever used it for this exact pattern. What can I say, knitter idiosyncracy is just how I roll.)


It is a real privilege to have access to so many different sock yarns these days, and I’d like to get myself back to rediscovering the ones that are waiting for me in my own shelves. Sock yarn is so easy to pick up a skein or two at a time, and after a while it starts to add up. Here’s hoping more sock knitting results from the needles this summer! I think I’m going to enjoy it.

Once again, have a great weekend, dear knitters! Whether you are knitting socks or other things.


Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (on 60 sts instead of 64)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock mediumweight, ‘enchanted forest’

Pattern: Jaywalker (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, ‘valentine’




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