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Urban Collection 2: Empire Ave. Cardigan

The Urban Collection Vol 2 still has a couple more patterns left to release, and I’m happy to announce the third sweater of the set is now available. Presenting the Empire Ave. Cardigan! (Ravelry link) Named for one of the streetcar stops en route to the Purple Purl in Toronto, this is a light spring-to-fall cardigan done in Tanis Fiber Arts cashmere sock, or your preferred wool or wool/luxury blend fingering weight yarn.


In working up this pattern, I really wanted a light spring layer that would be comfortable and versatile but not too fussy. A simple vertical lace panel on the fronts and back does the trick! I think this would work well in a variety of different colours, and although the Tanis cashmere sock is one of my favourite yarns, I think a regular wool fingering weight would be super as well. This is worked up at 6 sts/inch to allow a little bit of comfortable drape in the knitted fabric, on 3.5mm/US #4 needles or your preferred needle size to achieve tension.


The construction is seamless from the bottom up, and sleeves are attached to the body for a raglan yoke. There is a slight scoop neck in the front, and a ribbed collar and button-band are picked up and worked after the body is completed. 3/4-length sleeves are a great choice for lighter weather!

There are a couple of structural details in this cardigan that I quite like. One is the slipped-stitch “faux seam” at each side – on right side rows the stitch at the very side between front and back stitches is slipped, which lends the seamless construction a bit more structure than otherwise. Especially when working with superwash wool (which tends to drape a little more heavily than plain wool), these kinds of details can really help! Also, there is a bit of ribbing at the sides just under the arm below the fullest part of the bust, to help with fit and structure in the upper body. It’s the little details that sometimes make the difference and that was one of my goals with this sweater!


As usual, I already want another one of these in another colour. I must admit I’ve been enjoying the patterns in this collection even more than the collection I did last year, and it’s hard to resist casting on more of them to add to my wardrobe. I’ve got some vacationing coming up in June and already pondering what to knit. Maybe another Empire Ave? The jury is still deliberating.


I need to thank my fellow knitter friend Austen for modelling this one for me once again (it’s so convenient to have understanding knitter friends who are also a similar size to me!), as well as the other patterns in the collection. There’s still one final accessory to come in the collection and I’ll be sure to report on it very soon.

Happy knitting this Wednesday!


Pattern: Empire Ave. Cardigan
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts cashmere sock, in ‘plum’




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