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No such thing as too many socks


In an effort to stave off complete sock boredom, a little less than two months ago I cast on two pairs of socks at the same time. My thinking was that even if I didn’t get them knitted any faster than usual, at least I’d have a spare pair of socks to turn to if I got bored with the other one. It turned out pretty well since, a little less than two months later, I now have two completed pairs of socks. This summer I’d like to replenish the sock drawer a little more substantially, since a few of my current pairs have been well enough worn that they just don’t do the trick any more. And since I don’t tend to wear wool socks in the summer, I can stack up a few new pairs in the next few months and have them all ready and waiting for me in September and October.


These are my Nice Ribbed Sock pattern in Socks That Rock Mediumweight ‘enchanted forest’, and the Jaywalker sock pattern in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock ‘valentine’. I match these two yarns together pretty frequently with these same patterns, and the Jaywalkers in particular are some of my favourites to wear (they have a nice dressy and sleek fit to them), but I haven’t added a new pair of them to the sock drawer in quite some time. I plan to rectify that this year!


These two patterns are also a good example of how different kinds of knitted fabric behave – not just in terms of gauge, but in stitch patterning. For the ribbed socks, Socks That Rock mediumweight is a little heavier than a typical fingering weight, really more like a sport weight yarn, so I use a 2.75mm needle and 60 sts. For 2.5mm needles and typical fingering weight sock yarn, I’d usually cast on 64 or 68. However, for the Jaywalkers, I use 2.5mm needles and 84 sts. That’s not a typo – in fact, the pattern instructions come with 4 different sizes for a leg circumference between 8 and 10.5 inches around, and even the smallest size starts with 76 sts. That lovely sleek chevron-like pattern that is so versatile also causes a lot of biasing in alternate directions all the way around the leg, so you need more stitches to cover the same ground.

(I mention this because often when i bring up the Jaywalker sock pattern, someone mentions that they had problems with fit – if that’s the case, it more than likely means you’ve got to choose a larger size. Just a friendly knitter tip from me to you.)


Anyway, my socks are delightful and I am enjoying stuffing them into my sock drawer and choosing the next sock yarn victims from my stash. I’m lucky enough to be heading off on another trip next week, and socks will definitely be coming with me! Probably something else, too, but I haven’t decided what that is, yet.


These are some more Jaywalkers in a new-ish colourway of Lorna’s Laces sock called ‘The Skyway.’ The darker colours (a little dressier looking) are often a bit more challenging to knit with for me since bright colours can be more fun and shiny looking, so I try to remind myself to get the darker shades in there too. Chances are they’re likely to get worn more often. So, when I started these the other day I spent enough time with them all at once that I could get a decent way into the leg before doing anything else. With any luck they’ll be cast off before I know it.

Happy knitting this weekend, socks or otherwise!


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