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New Pattern: Surfacing


I’ve got a new knitting pattern to show off to you this week, although it’s actually been out and about for a week already, since it was one of the last tasks I completed before heading off on my Paris jaunt last week. This is a little luxurious accessory-sized shawl called Surfacing, and is available here on my Ravelry store and  on Patternfish as well.

A little while ago Sundara invited me to design something in the latest yarn in her ‘color commentary’ series, and lo and behold the yarn was none other than a gorgeous skein of sky-blue fingering weight silk cashmere. I don’t think I need to tell you how wonderful it is to work with yarn like this.

While this little shawl could easily be worked up with other fingering weight yarns – and it makes a lovely single-skein project as it is – the silky cashmere really needs very little extra work to show it off properly. It’s soft and elegant just on its own, and even just knitting simple stockinette is an enjoyable experience with yarn like this. So, in designing this shawl I worked to come up with a pattern that would convey some simple elegance as well as the sentiments of the colourway name, ‘peace’.


This is a shallow triangular shawl, worked in the traditional style of triangular shawls with eyelet increases at the end and centre of each right side row, back and forth from the top down. The feathering pattern used at the border is a simple yet effective 2-row pattern that may be repeated for as long as you like, or until you’ve got just enough to finish the last few rows of garter stitch and bind off at the edge. It’s ideal for a summer accessory, but I can see this being just as delightful as an any-time indoor accessory in the fall and winter.


Thanks, Sundara, for the special treat of working with your yarn.
Enjoy, knitting friends! And I’ll catch up with you more later this week.




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