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It’s always sweater season

If a person (well, a knitter) were to, say, cast on a bulky cabled cardigan in the middle of winter, you probably would not think this was at all strange. If said knitter were to let that sweater-in-progress sit idle for a couple of months and then pick it up again at the beginning of July when the outside temperatures are starting to reach unspeakable levels…well maybe that might get a few looks, I suppose.


But you know, last week that’s just what I did. I remembered my Uji cardigan that I started back at the end of February but had to set aside while I finished All The Other Things. I reasoned that since I was already half done with it I could make some decent progress on it even if I only picked it up for an hour or so at a time. It turns out I had done the back and one full sleeve and had started the second one, and now after a bit of air-conditioned-cold-basement knitting I’m past the sleeves and onto one of the fronts. (Knit Picks Cadena, in cranberry – pattern from Twist Collective).

It’s a bit nonsensical to be knitting a sweater like this in the dead heat of summer, to be honest, but as fellow knitter friend Jessie pointed out to me, if you don’t knit these things in the summer, they won’t be ready for you to wear in October. And you know, that’s logic I can understand.


This was also part of a plan last week to hold myself off from immediately casting on four new projects all at the same time, which is a dangerous impulse when I’m so fresh from finishing a bunch of deadlines. To help that along I also knitted up a few swatches – these are future sweaters that I’d like to work on for the fall (or during the fall, depending on timing I suppose), and I love all of them and have been looking at them with great affection the last few days. They are, since I know folks will ask, top to bottom: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes sport, Harrisville Highland worsted, and Berocco Ultra Alpaca (both purples). Pre-sweaters, if you will.

Turns out sweater knitting is always the right answer.

Hope you’re having a good Friday and that your weekend is filled with some knitting time!




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