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Around and around

August around these parts can be a bit of everything when you’re a knitter. It’s close enough to fall that you’re well within your rights to begin casting on sweaters, since finishing them around the time the weather turns cool is actually now a possibility. At the same time, we’ve got at least a month of summer temperatures on the calendar around here, so by all means lace shawls are still on the docket too.

Also around these parts, a few months ago we got a new local yarn shop (local to me in Hamilton, that is – we’ve got others in the area and certainly lots in Toronto, but this is one that I can actually get on my bike and be there in 20 minutes, I can’t even stand it it’s so exciting), and in July I taught a beginner lace class there. Among other things, I brought my own circular Pi Shawl as a sample, and somehow by the time the class was over I had convinced them to do a shop knitalong. Pi Shawls for everyone!


They carry several different kinds of sock-weight/fingering-weight yarn at Handknit, so there’s a nice range of choice to make a Pi Shawl that is still a little on the lighter side but will be cozy when folded-over double. The Pi Shawl is circular, and comes with a few variations of plain stockinette, eyelet rows, or more intricate lace panels, so it offers a nice repetitive project for new lace knitters. It’s also good for transit knitting, since you’re just going around and around and around until it’s done.

Mine’s in Malabrigo Sock, and even though the knitalong hasn’t officially started yet, I had sort of started a fantasy world wherein I finish this before the knitalong start on Sunday, then, uh, I start another one. What can I say, knitting is nothing if not a rich fantasy life.


The construction of the circle, as written, happens by doubling the number of stitches every time you double the number of rounds (after 3, 6, 12, 24, etc), and so it starts out very quickly. But eventually, of course, you reach the stage where you have almost 600 sts on the needles all at once, and that’s where I am now. When it’s (one day, hopefully soon) off the needles, it’ll be a gorgeous airy circle, but while it’s still on the 24-inch circular, it more closely resembles a bunched up jellyfish. I’ll get there, though, perseverance is key.

Around and around, and onwards. What are you knitting on this week? I hope you’re in a place to get something finished this month.


Pattern: Pi Shawl (July shawl), directions in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, in ‘ivy’




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