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And now for some back-and-forth

I’m still working away at the Pi Shawl – it’s the only thing I’ve been knitting on for the last week in fact, and knitter friends, I’d really thought I was going to be finished it by now. I’m doing a stint of cat-minding for fellow knitter friend Lisa here in Toronto, and boy howdy did I ever figure I was going to be well on my way knitting happily on one of the other 2 projects I brought with me. But no, these big circular shawls (on, uh, fingering weight yarn) do take their time, so all right, I can keep knitting. Back and forth, on the wee garter stitch knitted-on edging.

I’d sort of figured on that part – the knitting forever part. Once you get to the almost-600-sts rounds, every completed round starts to feel like cause for celebration, but then once you do several dozen of them…yeah. But I’ve done the Pi Shawl before so I saw that coming and have just been hunkering down and knitting my way through it. There’s no specific number of rounds required once you get to that last section, because it all depends on the yarn and needle size you’re using, and how big you want the shawl. So when I got to a width that looked wingspan-ish I stopped the shawl knitting and started the border, and I figured on that taking a while since I’m a tall-ish gal.

The part that I didn’t count on was that I’d get halfway through the border and realize with a sinking feeling that I am probably really for sure going to run out of yarn. Hahahah.


Which in and of itself isn’t the worst thing ever – I mean, it’s Malabrigo Sock in a new colourway, so it should be find-able in a few different places – but for the part where I really thought I was going to be done and oh wait a minute, you mean if I’d saved myself from doing a few of those almost-600-sts rounds I wouldn’t be twitchily watching the ball get smaller and smaller while I still have at least a third of the border left to go? I could have kept myself from two agonies at once?

HAH HAH. GOOD ONE KNITTING, that’s some sense of humour you have there. IT SURE IS.

I’m going to keep knitting and if I have to go to a yarn store to get my way knitted to the end of it, then by gar I may not be held responsible if I have to buy a new skein of something else to take the edge off. Fall’s coming and this girl needs to start some sweaters.

May your knitting this evening have plentiful yarn and a refreshing beverage to go with it!

Pattern: Pi Shawl (July shawl), directions in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, in ‘ivy’




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