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A photo finish if ever there was one

Last week, the day after my previous blog post, I took myself up for a day trip to hang with some knitter friends in Peterborough (because they and Peterborough are both delightful, and I need to visit there more often than I do), and I still had the Pi Shawl to content with along the way. On the bus ride up I knitted away on the border, now well into the 2nd half of it, and kept checking the yarn quantity that was left. The more I kept knitting, the more I decided that I should really make peace with the likelihood that I was not going to make it. The little ball of yarn just kept getting littler, and I realized that if I did need to go and get a 4th skein of yarn, it was going to be for something ridiculous like 5 yards of that skein. So, I reasoned with myself, I could just use the rest and make a pair of fingerless mitts to match the shawl.

And then, lo and behold – I finished the shawl.


It was by a nose – just 2g of yarn remaining from that 3rd ball, but I did it. Over post-lunch beers I picked up stitches from the original border cast-on and MacGuyvered a three-needle bind-off (because generally you do that with live stitches on both sides, but I figured it was a nice clean finish for the joined border ends), and then it was DONE.


My relief, let me show you it.


I still need to block the sucker (it’s a bit of an undertaking), but that’ll happen soon enough. Hurray for completed shawls!


Pattern: Pi Shawl (July shawl), directions in Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, in ‘ivy’



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