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Piece by piece

Since February I’ve been knitting my Uji cardigan in bits and pieces of time, and knitting friends, it is almost done. I’ve kept needing to put it down in order to give time to other projects, and then of course there was a while towards the end of spring when it was hard to find the mojo to work away on a bulky all-over cabled cardigan (when one is realistically several months away from ever being able to wear it).


Also, allow me to admit to you nice folks out there in blog land, that I keep having to stop and correct dumb-ass mistakes. The pattern itself is lovely, and actually relatively un-complicated once you’re in the swing of things. But it’s happened that I’ve been knitting this mostly in hour-long stints after dinner when the rest of the day is complete, and it’s entirely possible that not all of my brain cells have been in play at all moments. I finished the second cardigan front only to realize that I’d done the body a totally different length before the armhole than the first front was, and then ripped and re-knitted to fix it.



Then, as I was starting up on the button-band (which here is knitted vertically, in a separate piece once the hem ribbing has been completed – body and band are worked separately from that point), I realized that the very first button-hole i’d placed at the hem (and therefore well beyond the point of ripping out since it would require ripping out the entire front piece by then) had been placed entirely wrong and was going to end up looking funny. And while I don’t generally tend to button my cardigans all the way to the bottom, I couldn’t really live with myself if I let that go.

So I dropped down several rows from the start of the band, reworked the whole button-hole (this involved a bit of Macguyvering-level reverse-engineering of the row involved, then re-picking up all the dropped down stitches – imagine something like this cable fix, but for a button-hole re-do), and then re-started the band. (I’d like to tell you that I photographed it, but some times a girl just has to get the thing done). Then I finished all the blocking of the final pieces, and thought for a moment that the top neckline scoop was a very different length on each side, except when I went to start the re-do on that, it actually all looked just fine.



And so I’m now merrily seaming away and starting on the collar, and you know, I just might get this sucker done. I’m tucked in at home for the evening on the last day of a long weekend and I’m going to get finished as much as I can. Then some time later this week I’ll go off in search of buttons. And when it turns chilly in a month or so, this cozy cardigan jacket will be waiting.

Soon. Sooooooon.


Happy knitting this week!


Pattern: Uji, by Ann-Marie Jackson
Yarn: Knit Picks Cadena, in cranberry




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