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I wonder how non-knitters do this

At the end of July I cast on for a Locke St. cardigan for myself. The original sample still lives at the Purple Purl, which is actually fine with me, and over the summer when I was there looking at the colours of Tanis‘ yarns, and I just really liked the look of her new Sprout green so I grabbed an armload of it and walked right over to the cash register. I’ve been wanting one of these cardis for me (along with a few other patterns of my own design…this may be an ongoing fall project) so I just cast it on hoping I’d be done it by the time it was starting to get cool.


True to plan, now that September is nearing the halfway mark, I’m finishing up the second sleeve of this Locke St. cardi, and if the knitting gods are with me should be onto the collar and finishing this weekend. (Well, that and if I don’t get distracted by other projects. This is also highly probable.) At the same time, I’ve just started a new day job in Toronto, which means about an hour of train commuting time at either end of the day, so the bulk of this project has been accomplished in small chunks of time while commuting.

LockeSt train knitting

It is an interesting cultural phenomenon that when I mention this to regular non-knitting people, they respond with commiseration about how awful it must be to have to get up that much earlier and have that much travelling time in the day. When I mention it to knitters, on the other hand, they don’t even blink. They just say “oh wow, so you must get so much knitting time on train then!” It’s completely true. No one’s saying it’s not a bit of an ordeal to be a commuter (I’m pretty sure the bleary-eyed Starbucks lineups are proof of that), but when you have knitting then it pretty much instantly becomes mobile knitting time, and that makes the whole thing just loads easier. And then after a month of train knitting it turns out you can have most of a sweater done.


Onwards with more sweaters! Also looking forward to attending the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair this weekend. As per usual I have no idea what yarn I’ll be getting, or how much (really I have no need of any more, any time soon…not that that ever stops any of us), but it’s always nice to peruse.

I hope you have some good knitterly time this Thursday!






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