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New additions

Last weekend I went with my mom and sister down to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair (it and the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic in the spring are the two bi-annual yarn purchasing pilgrimage opportunities in the area). It was nice to see a few familiar knitter faces in the crowd. I also had no specific purchasing plans going in, which can often lead to disaster (read: way overspending), but I managed to come away with a small selection of things that were new to me and fit my current knitterly needs.


This lovely armload of grasshopper-green superwash DK came home with me, from The Black Lamb. I’d bought sock yarn from them before but wanted to branch out a bit further, and have been on the lookout for more DK-weight yarn for sweater projects. This shade of green is one that I started doing more with for knits for myself last year, and I like it enough to keep working with it some more. Some time this year I’d like to make myself another Jackson Creek cardi or Chatelaine cardigan for me (the original Chatelaine sample is out at yarn shops), so I’m looking forward to pondering when and how to deploy it later this season.


I have also lately started to realize that knitting project bags are things I can always use more of – particularly the kind that zip or tie closed, rather than just simple tote bags – and so I found myself at Zig Zag Stitches‘ booth and came away with a couple of dandy items. I like their combination of fabrics and attention to detail. Even a little inside pocket on the big bag? Heck yes.



Clearly, I had green on my brain that day. Not too shabby though. Looking forward to playing with these and hatching more fall knitting plans as the days get cooler.

Have a great rest of your knitterly weekend!


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