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A handknit runway

Last week Twist Collective was the special guest at the Downtown Knit Collective in Toronto, and it was quite the evening of eye candy. And when I say “Twist Collective” was the guest, I do mean about as much of Twist Collective as could be fitted in one evening in one lecture hall. Kate Gilbert herself (the editor of Twist Collective) came down from Montreal (despite travel plans being delayed by a terrible train/bus crash earlier in the day), and co-hosted the evening with Fiona Ellis, who I know put quite a lot of planning into the whole affair. She sweet-talked me into taking some photographs, arranged models for what must have been about five or six dozen different garments for the fashion show, and made sure as many local Twist Collective contributors as possible were there. Many knitters in the audience also wore their own hand-knitted Twist Collective pieces, which was fabulous!


The main event was the fashion show, and it was quite something. I am willing to bet everyone in the audience went home with their heads full of new ideas about what to knit next, because after seeing so many different garments being modelled right there live and in person, it must be very difficult to resist temptation! One thing that was really neat was seeing the garments being worn by women of different heights and body shapes. Magazine sample sizes do tend to represent a specific size range, but still each sweater looks a bit different on different people. Everyone looked fabulous in everything they wore, and I don’t think any of the models were exactly the same shape and sizes as another.

Here are a few snapshots from the evening – enjoy, and be sure to click the photo to see more details on the Flickr page.






More knitting eye candy is always good to fuel the inspiration.
I hope you have some great knitting this fine Wednesday evening!






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