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But it’s really not all about the yarn, I swear

As Stephanie so nicely put it, the best part of Rhinbeck is being around friends and a lot of other people who don’t think knitting is silly. It’s a really great thing to be amongst your people like that, and know that if you stop someone dead in their tracks to ask them what a) they are knitting b) they are wearing c) they are going to knit with that yarn they are holding d) colour they are going to buy because that blue yarn they are holding looks way better than the blue one they put down, it’s all fine. People usually get it, in a way that you can’t usually count on when you’re mingling with the non-knitter people in everyday life.


And really, if you’re going to travel all that way and spend all that time on a weekend trip, only to buy yarn and then bring it home again and skip over all the other parts of getting to hang out with nice people and drink wine in the evening (and maybe eat lots of cheese plate dinners, not that I would know anything about that), then you’re definitely missing the whole picture.

Having said that, though, uh. I bought some yarn. I mean, let’s not pretend it isn’t partly about the yarn, right?

I am proving to be quite a creature of habit with my Rhinebeck purchases – I bought from the same 3 vendors as I did last year, and I looked a ton of other great stuff that I am reminding myself to save up some cash for next year. I suppose when confronted with such a huge amount of selection, it’s easy to retreat to familiar ground. Well, not retreat, perhaps – embrace.

I snagged a couple of skeins of Socks That Rock Mediumweight (above) from The Fold, in Grawk and another colour whose name I forget at the moment. I always include a couple new pairs of ribbed socks in my knitting rotation during the year, and STR Mediumweight just goes by so nice and quickly. I also hemmed and hawed over a sizeable Green Mountain Spinnery purchase, but felt pretty good bringing this pile of DK-weight wool/alpaca blend in a nice deep red. I don’t know what this will be yet (I don’t usually, to be honest), but it’s nice to look at while I figure it out.


I also stood in a Very Long Line to grab an armload of Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein. It’s a nice superwash wool in worsted weight and lovely colours, and I had started out with only one sweaters worth and then upped that as the time in line started to grow. It wasn’t the worst line ever, because so many people walk by you while you’re in it that you eventually start to see familiar faces to say hi to, but a person still wants to make it worth the investment. So here are 2 sweaters worth, in Beachglass and Talking in My Sleep. mmmm, fun yarn times ahead.


And that’s the yarn-ish wrap-up! Believe me I have more knitting plans for the coming fall and winter than I know what to do with (Shorter: All The Sweater Knitting Fantasies), but I’ll manage somehow, I know I will.

Happy knitting this weekend!





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