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Pretty nice weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend, with a holiday Monday both here and in the United States, so I took the opportunity to flee slightly south to D.C., to spend the weekend hanging out with a bunch of knitter friends in the area. I did the same thing last year over the same weekend, when there was much nicer weather, and it was great. This time I arrived just in time for the city to get hit with a huge snow storm, so there was a lot less touristy perusal of museums and monuments, but thankfully there was plenty of time to sit around with friendly people, knit, drink wine, and generally have a relaxing time. In case you are wondering, a weekend filled with those activities is lacking in…nothing. Nothing at all. (Well, maybe shopping. We did a smidge of that too.)

All weekends should look like this! Hope you’ve got a good one coming up. And that the winter hibernation ends soon, if you’re in the same hemisphere as me. (I’ve forgotten what green grass looks like. I hear it’s the stuff buried under the snowbanks. Stories have been reported that it might still be there.)

Happy knitting!

















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