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Winter logic

It’s that time of year around these parts when it seems like winter is actually going to be here forever. You do sometimes have moments of thinking, “hey, maybe tomorrow I can leave the house wearing regular shoes instead of the same salt-stained winter boots I’ve had on since late November.” And then you look at the weather report and it becomes clear to you that no, actually, that brief “warm spell” around freezing last week was just a momentary glitch, a seventh-inning stretch before settling in to make the game last as long as possible. This is about 99.9% of the reason why when summer arrives, we can’t quite fully grasp it and so we can’t stop talking about how hot it is, because surely cold is the only option.


The odd thing knitting-wise is that I’ve realized that what I’m actually knitting on right now (wool sweaters), and the projects I’m thinking about casting on for (hint: more wool sweaters), are things that I mostly want to be wearing already. As though knitting them is almost the same thing as already wearing them. I don’t know, man, at this point in winter I think logic abandons all hope and we all go slightly feral, clutching the nearest yarn that looks good. This Saturday I’ll be up in Peterborough at Needles in the Hay to teach some classes, and I’m pretty sure some new yarn is going to come home with me! Something new and fun. Probably also wooly.


One of the wooly things I imagine myself already wearing instead of just knitting is my Joist pullover in progress – not least because it’s going to be a super warm cabley sweater, but also because while it IS a lovely neutral shade of purple-grey, I think my brain needs to look at some yarn in a different colour during March. I foresee some leafy-green or bright red knitting projects in my future! Or at the very least, some stash diving to put some nice new piles of yarn on deck.

Winter, am I right? Thank goodness there’s knitting to be done.

Stay warm and cozy out there!


Pattern: Joist Pullover, from Twist Collective by Andrea Rangel
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, in Liberty Heather
Project bag from Three Bags Full.




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