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Home stretch of the season

This time, knitter friends, this week the weather reporters really are saying spring is just around the corner. Any day now, they say, we’re going to get those above-freezing temperatures for several days in a row, and then it’ll be a whole new world! (Most Canadians now hear that and think “HAH HAH, you can’t fool us, we watch Rick Mercer, see. Cloudy with a chance of making stuff up, that’s the REAL weather report,” and yet still we cling to hope).

Naturally, this is a perfect time of year to be on the home stretch of a yarn-eating all-over-cabled worsted weight pullover that will really only be most wearable in the coldest months of the year. Naturally.


Last weekend I spent some time with my Joist pullover, and got the sleeves and body all joined up to the yoke and started the decreases for armholes and shoulder decreases (it’s a seamless saddle shoulder style), and this was exciting for the first round or two before I realized that of course there are now approximately twelve billion stitches on the needles and maybe each round isn’t quite as fast as those sleeves you just finished before that. But still I cling to hope, because in knitter weather forecast terms, spring is around the corner and I’ll get there. A finished sweater is a finished sweater even if you don’t get to wear it right away, and anything I finish in the next few months will be waiting ready and patient once the next chilly season does arrive. (Oh just imagine, the very idea of there being warm months in between now and the next period of cold. Oh frabjous day!) Home stretch, home stretch.


Of course, change is also just as good as a rest, they say, so the other week I just decided to cast on a new project for the heck of it. I’d been eyeing Lempicka ever since it appeared in the fall at the Twist Collective fashion show at the Toronto Downtown Knit Collective, and pulled the nearest leafy green worsted weight yarn from my stash to work it up in. It’s not the sort of pattern you can give just a passing glance to, since it is both top-down and relies on some fairly complexly thought-out pictorial cables, but I am game for something new for my brain to work on, and I look forward to having it on the needles for the next little while.


What knitting projects are occupying your thoughts these days? I hope they’re fun ones.
Happy Wednesday!


Pattern: Joist Pullover, from Twist Collective by Andrea Rangel
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, in Liberty Heather

Pattern: Lempicka , from Twist Collective by Christa Giles
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, pea soup mix




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