The system works

I’ve been merrily knitting along on my portable sock projects lately (so merrily that I took my ‘handbag’ sock project out of the handbag yesterday to knit on them at home, and then forgot about them and had no commuter knitting this morning, whoops), not entirely to the exclusion of other projects but pretty significantly. I’ve got some shawl projects on the go (the always-on-the-needles Pi shawl for one, a triangular shawl design I’ve been pondering, for a second), but only sock projects otherwise.

Future pullover

I started to realize that I have actually been missing the sweaters a little bit. Not exactly the same sweaters I hit the pause button on in April (they are both seamless, and at 90% done they are weighty in the lap and less amenable for spring…at least until the air conditioning goes up full throttle), but something with a little more oomph to keep in the rotation. And since I’ve been on a returning to unfinished projects run lately, I remembered that I did start a sweater pattern last summer, eventually put on hold once my commuter schedule took over (as well as, let’s face it, a pretty awesomely time consuming 2-sweater design that I’m really glad to have done).

It’s a pullover of my own devising, pretty basic since I wanted to do up a basic sweater pattern in my own knitting style (in pieces to be seamed, from the bottom-up, set-in sleeves), ideally with both a pullover and a cardigan version for versatility. And you know, I’d still like to do that – both for my own wearing and as a pattern.

Future pullover

I’d forgotten how far I’d gotten on it by last August, and it turns out it was pretty danged far. Front and back completed and part of a sleeve – on a pullover project that’s practically a finished project. (well, not really, but it’s still pretty close.)

I set out the finished pieces for blocking and picked up the sleeve in progress for some active work in the evenings. This is actually turning out to be more fun than I thought, going back to unfinished projects. I think next time I set aside a partially-finished projects I’ll just have to remind myself that it’s not so much unfinished as it is an almost-finished project for the future.

Also, it turns out I just can’t fully abandon sweaters for too long at a time. It’ll be sweater season again eventually, after all. Happy knitting this Monday, knitter friends!


Pattern: Personal pullover pattern, completion/release TBD
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, ‘berry pie mix’




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10 responses to “The system works

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  2. Not a bad plan…I recently finished a tank that had been hanging out 80% done and that was pretty rewarding. It would be fun to do the same with a sweater!

  3. Jill Orr-Young

    I use Ravelry to note progress – 80% … 90%. When I put the unfinished project down for a season, it’s there on Ravelry to remind me.

  4. “I think next time I set aside a partially-finished projects I’ll just have to remind myself that it’s not so much unfinished as it is an almost-finished project for the future.” Love it!!

  5. Laura Walters

    Forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but I started a 14 WIPs for 2014 project in January. I was pretty much in despair when I counted and made a spreadsheet of the 35 projects I had in the works. However, it’s just June and I’ve already finished 10!!! Now some of that included frogging–after all, once it’s frogged it’s no longer a WIP but has reverted to stash–but nonetheless, I, too, have been discovering that going back to something and finishing it is much more satisfying than I thought it would be.

  6. twistedsticks

    I actually don’t have too many unfinished projects. A pair of socks, a little Christmas Elf and and a sampler scarf. I bought some new yarn this last week and now am itching to find a nice pullover pattern to start a sweater for this coming winter!

  7. I’m with you on big, heavy, woolen, seamless sweaters in the summer. Just looking at wool right now makes me perspire. But I do it anyway. :-)

  8. I love finishing old projects that have been hanging around. I try to keep a couple long term projects and some short term projects going at the same time, but sometimes I find a project that I totally forgot about and pick it up and finish it.

  9. I’m a sweater (ok, really cardigan) person too. Somehow, a project doesn’t really count for me unless it’s a sweater. And I love, love love Ultra Alpaca in Berry Mix. There’s some on my shelf, and I think I hear it calling to me…

  10. Love that yarn and I can’t wait to see the finished sweater!