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Reset to stockinette

As the July cards continue to shuffle themselves out and I resume a still not entirely normal schedule (though admittedly better than the week immediately following vacation at the beginning of the month), I’ve been getting a reasonable amount of knitting done. Partly this is due to concerted efforts at Getting Knitting Done Because It Is Relaxing, but also because I’ve assigned myself relatively simple projects for the moments.


Cabled projects are swirling around in my head at the moment, but I’m letting them continue to swirl while I knit away on a stockinette sweater and some plain ribbed socks. The sweater (above) is a cardigan version of the stockinette pullover I finished last month, of my own brain and for a planned fall release. It’s a simple sweater pattern intended to be an approachable knit as well as a comfortable wardrobe staple. I wanted to make sure I knitted one of each of the pullover & cardigan versions, and am going to knit myself at least one more pullover I think. (Partly to reassure myself of the instructions, but mostly because I want more sweaters for my fall closet. Ah, selfish knitting.)



I have also started on pair #5 of Socks From Stash (unofficial theme of Glenna’s Sock Knitting 2014), in a nice skein of Socks That Rock mediumweight purchased at some Rhinebeck excursion some time in the past. Nice thing about mediumweight is that the yarn is a bit heavier so it needs fewer stitches to make a sock. A couple of weeks worth of transit riding and boom, socks. That’s how we do that.

How is your summer knitting going so far, dear knitters? No doubt the patio season will be over before we know it, better get the deck chairs and wine glasses at the ready.

Happy knitting!


Pattern: Personal cardigan pattern, completion/release TBD
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, ‘redwood mix’

Pattern: A Nice Ribbed Sock (by me), modified for 56 sts instead of 64
Yarn: Socks That Rock lightweight from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, ‘Valkyrie Fledge’ colourway




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